The FreeState of Mind is more than just design. It is a way of life. Whether it's a brand's life or your own. Be free, and do what you do.

If you've made it this far...

I've already done something right. I believe good design is more than just pretty colors and popular effects. It offers a platform to build a brand, as well as a company, that employees, clients, and customers can gather around. It has the ability to differentiate a business across several media channels and through multiple disciplines.

A little bit about me

My name is Matthew. I don't like candle lit dinners or long walks on the beach. I'd prefer Chick-fil-a and a run in the woods. Better yet, I'd really rather ride. Anything. Snowboard, Skateboard, Motorbike or Mountain bike. What does this have to do with Branding or Design? Nothing. But I'm always looking for new people to do fun stuff with. Want to set something up? Let me know!

Why yes, I am for hire.

For Small Businesses

My goal is to offer creative, refreshing design to businesses, large or small, while also giving consistent, reliable, and efficient service. For the small business owner looking for a logo, branding package, print collateral or website, I can offer affordable design, production and maintenance at the quality you would expect from a full scale advertising firm.

The ability to distinguish your company is not reserved for those who can afford the luxuries of an in-house marketing department or firm. Together we can build a multi-media, brand consistent identity that you can be proud of.

For Ad Agencies

Lucky you. View my online resume, or get my downloadable resume, and feel free to contact me for more information. If you're interested in full time employment or part-time freelance work, check out my contact page, or email me at

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